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Wedding Attire German Brides Choose


What Dresses Do German Brides Choose?

An old proverb says that if you get married in May, you will be unhappy in your marriage. But the Germans do not think so. In Germany, every year people celebrate around 400 thousand weddings. And the most "productive" months are May and June.

In May, there are delicate green trees, a riot of colors and a delicate aroma of blooming flowers. People can hardly find a more magnificent atmosphere for an unforgettable celebration.

The main character of the event is the bride. She is brilliant and mysterious. However, why is described with these words? Modern experts agree that this is all due to a wedding dress. Designers and psychologists have classified the brides according to the type of dress they wear on their big day.

Creamy, Modest, and Elegant

There is another common prejudice that only people who are in love should get married. In any case, most of the weddings, especially in elite circles, no matter how to define it, often resemble a carefully thought-out and first-class PR event. The clear lines of the elegant dress of the bride of the color of good champagne speak not only about considerable income but also about the presence of impeccable manners and style.

Whipped Cream

The tradition of going down the aisle in a white dress appeared only in the 19th century. But at the sight of a charming bride in a lace dress completely drowned in all sorts of ruffles, flounces, ribbons, and bows, many guests can think of the times of Madame de Pompadour. The greatest gift the bride is expecting from her guests at the wedding is always support and understanding. For a wedding reception in an old castle by the lake, she will certainly come in a carriage drawn by four or three magnificent white horses because she wants to feel like a princess and nobody can deprive her of that.

A Suit

Not every girl is looking forward to wearing a classic puffy white dress. A bride can transform the traditional attire and wear a white suit that will still perfectly reflect her femininity and be a great bold statement many people can appreciate.

Veil and Bikini

A wedding on a beach of some island in the Caribbean sea suits brides that want to do something special, something that not many people can do in their lives. This bride will appear on the shore, dressed like a mermaid, with beads of shells and a wreath of exotic flowers and pearls in her loose hair. And if suddenly soon after the wedding, the couple will have some problems, the marriage under palm trees often has no legal force in their homeland and they can easily end their relationship.

Woman in Red

This is so not about traditions. For her second or maybe third wedding in a row, a bride that prefers a noisy and bright performance in front of an enthusiastic audience will, most likely, choose a red dress. Red is the color of love and aggression, passion and danger. Everything revolves around passion!

Rock the Vintage Style

The bride is under 25. She is a fan of experiments, and in search of a wedding dress, she goes to the flea market. She will proudly show her friends her discovery that is an outfit in the style of the 1950s, pretentious, but, at the time, demonstrating the luxury of the former owners of luxury.

Today, vintage fashion is relevant once again. For this bride, a wedding is a fun party, a nice celebration in the restaurant of the Berlin TV tower.