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German Wedding: Trends and Problems


Wedding in Germany: Trends, Traditions, Problems

A survey conducted this year by the order of Credit Plus Bank showed that the Germans are not inclined to restrict their expenses on the organization of the wedding. So, about 25% of the engaged couples are ready to spend more than 5 thousand euros, and 1% of respondents agree to pay even more than 25 thousand. Only 13% of respondents agreed to have a modest wedding with a budget of less than 1 thousand euros. Interestingly, 25% of couples are willing to take out a loan to pay for the ceremony.

73% of respondents consider wedding cake a mandatory attribute of the feast. About 60% of newlyweds plan to go on a honeymoon. About half of the couples will invite musicians to their wedding reception. 45% of respondents want to see many guests at the ceremony. 

As for the traditions, the majority of Germans are conservative. Thus, more than half of the newlyweds observe the custom of beating porcelain. This applies not only to plates or other dishes. Sometimes inventive couples even smash toilets—all for luck. Most respondents believe that the bride's dress should be white, and the groom must never see the dress before the ceremony.

Speaking of dresses. Most often German women prefer dresses with a small amount of jewelry and an A-shaped silhouette (when the dress expands down from the chest). A bouquet should be chosen by the groom. 

As for the wedding party, all the cars should be decorated. In the midst of the festivities, the bride is often kidnapped, and then the groom redeems her knocking over a drink or two or singing a song. The Germans also have a popular tradition regarding the wedding cake. The bride and groom cut it together. And the bride takes a knife, and her new husband holds his wife's hand. The first piece is again intended for the bride. The groom feeds her with his hands. Only after that, the cake is distributed among the guests.

Engagement rings in Germany are worn on the right hand. Usually, the wedding rings are simple: without a scattering of diamonds or other excesses.

Perhaps, the most problematic marriage can be in Berlin: all because of the bureaucracy. In Germany, some couples say that to choose the desired date for the ceremony, they had to wait in a queue in front of the door of the registration authority. Moreover, tall the dates are often scheduled for at least two months in advance. And now, when same-sex marriages have been legalized in the country, the queue "for the wedding" may need to be taken three months before the ceremony

This is not the only test for couples living in Berlin. When the newlyweds decide to have a child, they will have to stand in line again. This time, for a birth certificate.

Based on the above-mentioned, there are some new trends in wedding fashion in Germany. The bouquet should be chosen by the groom; the smashing of dishes, white dress, and a wedding cake are required; and the ring should be simple. If you live in Berlin, you should plan your wedding in advance. In the capital, it will take about three months to wait for the registration and plan the ceremony itself with the restaurant, dresses, flowers, and other details.