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German Wedding Trends of 2019


Popular German Wedding Trends of 2019

Wedding cake, a night at the hotel, and smashed dishes: can the Germans imagine a wedding without any traditions?

The Germans prefer the month of May to all the others for weddings. How much does a German wedding cost? What wedding traditions are observed by most couples, and which are already hopelessly outdated? The current trends in the organization of the ceremony of marriage in Germany were revealed by researchers during an online survey commissioned by Credit Plus Bank.

According to the survey, every fourth German citizen is willing to spend more than 5 thousand euros on their wedding. 13% of respondents would not invest more than a thousand, and one percent—more than 25 thousand. Every fourth German is ready to take a loan in a bank to pay for the wedding ceremony if necessary. More than half of the respondents admitted that they would not disdain things that have already been used. A third is ready to use second-hand decorations at their own wedding. Every fourth bride believes that it is not necessary to wear a brand new wedding dress, and every fifth groom is not ready to wear a new suit. But only 6 percent of Germans are ready to put a used engagement ring on their finger.

Cake, Bouquet, and Rings

The vast majority of Germans (73%) would like to have a wedding cake on the holiday table regardless of the size of the wedding budget.

The Germans still consider going on a honeymoon (61%), having live music for dancing (48%), following the ritual of breaking the dishes on the eve of the wedding (45%), and having a lot of wedding guests (45%) mandatory attributes of the wedding.

Less mandatory is a night at the hotel after the wedding (29%), an expensive wedding dress (28%), a prenuptial agreement (22%), fireworks (14%), and a horse-drawn carriage (13%).

The traditional idea that the bride's dress must necessarily be white, is supported by every second person in Germany. The same support surrounds the superstition that the groom should not see the gown of his bride before the wedding, or there will be problems in the new family. A little more than half of the respondents said that the groom should carry the bride in his arms over the threshold of their common home.

Less than a third of respondents believe that the night before the wedding, the bride and groom should sleep in different apartments/beds. Two-thirds believe that the guest who caught the bride's bouquet is the next in line to go to the altar to the sounds of the wedding March Mendelssohn.