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German Brides Trust Magazines with Wedding Planning


German Brides Trust Magazines with the Choice of Their Wedding Dresses

In Germany, the popularity of magazines-advisers on the organization of weddings is on the rise. Marriage is an important event, and many newlyweds prefer to seek help from professionals.

It is important to prepare for a wedding in advance. In order to avoid any troubles, many newlyweds prefer to seek help from professionals who are beautifully called wedding-planners (or wedding organizers). Well, those who cannot afford personal planners can only rely on glossy magazines, on the pages of which everybody is ready to provide them with the recommendation they need.

The first printed edition devoted to what type of dress a bride should buy what boutonniere should be on the suit of the groom appeared in Germany in the 1960s. Today, the demand for wedding literature is constantly growing. This spring, a company in addition to the existing editions of Hochzeitsplaner ("wedding Planning"), Meine Brautfrisur ("My wedding hairstyle"), and Meine Brautkleid ("My wedding dress") have released another magazine on the subject.

 Despite the fact that many magazines are not going through the best of times (the global financial crisis does not spare anyone), wedding magazines continue to be in high demand. According to the editor-in-chief of the magazine Hochzeit ("Wedding") Marina Litterscheidt (Marina Litterscheidt), no one refused to hold a wedding because of the crisis, and people are still getting married all the time.

Wedding Market

According to experts, currently, in Germany, people get married at a fairly mature age and often pay for the fairy tale themselves without resorting to financial assistance from moms and dads. Wedding as an event is not cheap, and it usually leaves a decent hole in the budget of a newly created family. However, the requirements of the newlyweds are also growing in accordance with rising prices. Everything should be beautiful, tasty, and on time.

The magazine Hochzeitsplaner, which is published quarterly and costs 5.50 euros, is very popular in Germany. For example, only this spring, 14,500 copies were sold. This edition specialized in tips on how the newlyweds should calculate the budget of the wedding correctly.

Get Ready in Advance

Practical Germans are preparing for the ceremony for a long time. For many of them, it take almost two years to plan everything.

On the pages of these wedding magazines, people can learn how to make a proposal. Classic options are the following: drown the ring (preferably with a diamond) in a glass of champagne, strew the floor of the apartment with rose petals, or fall at the feet of a lover with an exotic bouquet and wait for a promising "Yes". 

However, as life shows, wedding magazines are still more designed for ladies. They can read about different styles of dresses and makeup trends, ideas for the wedding reception decorations, and even recipes for wedding cakes. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost all the issues, where a bride is on the cover, are bought by women, and not only by the brides themselves but also their mothers, sisters, and girlfriends.

On average, every bride reads about four magazines before she goes to her wedding shopping. These magazines help every couple to recreate at least one day from a fairy tale so that every bride feels like a real princess because almost every woman dreams about it although not all of them admit it.