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Bachelorette Party in Germany


Bachelorette Party in Germany or How to Prepare for the Wedding?

A dream of a beautiful bachelorette party often become reality due to the help of the bride’s friends. Even after months, the emotions stay with the bride because this event is very special in her life!

Where Does the Idea Come From?

After a guy proposes to a girl, the long process of wedding planning starts. Many people decide to approach the wedding planning creatively and choose a particular theme for the wedding day itself and all the parties preceding it.

Many girls believe that a bachelorette party should be amazing and mind-blowing just like a wedding! A party in the company of close friends with crazy dancing until morning, in any case, will be an unforgettable event.

Many girls decide to arrange their bachelorette party in some beautiful European cities. A lot goes into the organization. However, if the bridesmaids take their time, they can set an amazing bachelorette party for their friend.

6 Steps to Organize a Bachelorette Party

  • decide on the date
  • buy plane tickets
  • find an apartment
  • find a photographer
  • choose a club or restaurant
  • have fun every minute

How to Find an Apartment in Berlin?

After searching online for some time, you can definitely find us a chic and creative apartment in one of the best parts of Berlin. It can be a huge apartment of almost 150 square meters with a beautiful view and original furniture from the owners-architects, which would not leave anyone indifferent! Every morning you can drink coffee in a wonderful kitchen and then gather and go for a walk around the city! In search of the apartment of their dreams, many people go to Airbnb, where they can find an option for every taste and budget!

Tip: the apartment should be located within walking distance near the stop S (green letter "S" means trains). Then you can get anywhere in Berlin in minutes!

What to Do in Berlin?

Walking + shopping + new cocktails

Any European city has everything you might need for a nice and long walk. Especially in spring or summer! Stops for a cup of coffee, a light snack, or a delicious cocktail are mandatory during such trips. In Berlin, there is a tasty refreshing drink called Hugo based on elderberry syrup and sparkling wine.

You should not forget about shopping. Many people like to bring home souvenirs. A huge number of shops is located near the subway station "Wittenbergplatz" including the most famous one—the trading house KaDeWe.

What Else to Do in Berlin?—Go to the Sea!

One day, you can get up early, leave noisy Berlin, and go to warnemünde, which is a resort town and one of the oldest sea resorts in Germany. A comfortable regional train (RE) will take you to the beach in just 3 hours. The sea is always a good idea!

What Is Important to Know About the Bachelorette Party Abroad?

To organize such a trip is not difficult, and you will definitely be in a good mood afterward! So if you are still in doubt whether to go for it or not, the answer is a definite positive!